About Author Mike Bailey

Author: Mike “Tiny” Bailey

Book Title: What Have We Done?  The Dragon Chronicles

Born: February 29, 1972 in Cristobal, Panama

Resides: Richland, Washington

Status: Married with two daughters and two step daughters

Hobbies: Giving (and getting) tattoos and body piercings, working on his Volkswagen Trike, lowrider cars and trucks, collecting bladed weapons and spending time with good friends.

Interests: Wicca, drawing, painting, writing, social media marketing, bodyart, researching religions and alternative lifestyles and much more.

More Info: Mike maintains a regular paycheck to paycheck day job like any other average person.  On his days off from this job he operates several side businesses of his own.  He is co-owner of a freelance tattoo and body piercing business and as such works freelance (by appointment) as a tattoo artist.  He and his wife co-own a startup retail business dealing show quality and decorative bladed and silent weapons.  He does freelance artwork on a piece by piece basis, both tattoo designs and decorative paintings.  Mike does some freelance editing, web design and consulting for other authors who wish to self publish but can’t afford to hire professional editors and promoters or don’t know where to begin.  He etches tattoo designs on glass, mirrors and car windows and lastly, he is a freelance photographer specializing in gothic, steampunk and inked subject matter.  His spare time is spent writing novels and currently has three projects in the works, including the second book in The Dragon Chronicles

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