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I have created a weekly online newspaper (not an eZine) that generates weekly from my twitter stream.  I call it “From The Mind Of Author Mike Bailey”.  In this newspaper you will find mindless ramblings, photos, articles and resources for writing/writers, tattoo artists, artists, social media fans, photographers and more.

From The Mind Of Author Mike Bailey.


I am very proud to announce that What Have We Done?, the first novel in my Dragon Chronicles Trilogy is now available for the Kindle on

It sells for ONLY $6.99!!! COMPARE that to most other books available for the kindle on that cost $9.99 or MORE and the actual book that retails for $18.88!

This is a specially discounted price for all my fans and readers who use a Kindle device! Enjoy the book and enjoy the savings.

Just click here to go to’s Kindle Store and search for “What Have We Done?” to get your copy today!!!

Brightest Blessings to you ALL!