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I have created a weekly online newspaper (not an eZine) that generates weekly from my twitter stream.  I call it “From The Mind Of Author Mike Bailey”.  In this newspaper you will find mindless ramblings, photos, articles and resources for writing/writers, tattoo artists, artists, social media fans, photographers and more.

From The Mind Of Author Mike Bailey.


7 Twitter Strategies for Growing a Great Following

By Dino Dogan
Published November 12, 2010

social media how to

You’re likely on Twitter. But are you connecting with the right people? Do you want to build a quality Twitter following? If so, keep reading.

In this post we will explore sometimes obvious, yet seldom implemented, techniques of building a following on Twitter as well as few methodologies you may have not considered but should find quite useful.

The inspiration for this post came from the book Twitter Power by Joel Comm.

Let’s get started.
#1: Look for people you already know

This one is a no-brainer but it often goes unexecuted.
find friends on twitter

You can tell Twitter to cull the list of contacts from your existing accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and LinkedIn.

This method is limited to web-based email and unfortunately there is no simple way to search your Outlook contacts for Twitterers.

But there is a way around that:

1. Open a free web-based email account such as Gmail or Yahoo! mail (if you don’t have one already).
2. Export your contact list from Outlook and import it into your new account. Your new mail service will explain how to do it, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Done! Now you can go back to “Find Friends” and pull your newly created contacts into Twitter.

You’re unlikely to pick up thousands of followers in this manner, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to add a few new readers, and there’s an even better chance that those people will follow you in return.

There are additional implications, of course.

Because these are your personal contacts, they’re likely to pay closer attention to you, place you in a list of “real people” and are probably more inclined to retweet you.

Not to mention that this is a very effective way to re-ignite a long-term but atrophied relationship. These are all good things.
#2: Twijazzle your blog

Making your tweets part of your blog gives your visitors a quick snippet of what you’re all about. It’s an easy way to make a good first impression and it creates a dynamic section for your blog.

So how do you Twijazzle your blog?

You can use Twitter’s own tool to add your tweets to your blog.

Select your platform and Twitter will generate necessary code to add to your blog. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

WordPress sites got it even better.

If your blog is hosted on, you can add a “Latest Tweets” widget to whatever section of the website you like.
wordpress screen shot

The Widgets section will list the “Latest Tweets” that you can drag and drop in the appropriate section—like the Sidebar 1 section, for example.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, options are even greater.

My favorite tool to accomplish this is Twitter Tools, which creates a full two-way integration between your WordPress site and Twitter. You can send your posts to Twitter, archive your tweets and create posts from them, all thanks to this wonderful little piece of code.

What does this all look like once everything is set up?

It should look a little something like this (see arrow).
latest tweets

Here’s an example of Twitter Tools in action.

My friend Phil, who is an awesome web designer, blogger and brilliant thinker, was nice enough to set up Twitter Tools on his blog so we can see it in action.

Quote from Twitter Power: “If your blog is getting thousands of users every week and only a small fraction of them actually follow you on Twitter, you can still end up with a massive number of followers using this method.”

Amen, brother Joel.
#3: Pay your followers

In other words, create an incentive for potential new followers to click on that “Follow” button.

Quote from Twitter Power: “Giving away freebies is a marketing standard. You create goodwill, let potential customers try your products before they buy, and build a list of clients that you can draw on in the future.”

In the book (Twitter Power), Joel cites an example of this: @fitbizwoman.

Here Angie is offering a free ebook of 120+ recipes for making healthy smoothies to her new followers.

Although Twitter Power recommends this strategy, I don’t believe it to be effective for acquiring new followers.

I think it’s a great strategy for getting people signed up for your blog, but not for Twitter.

Angie is no longer using that particular bio, which I believe is a testament to the ineffectiveness of “paying” your Twitter followers.
new bio for fitbizwoman

The new bio is focused on what Angie is about. I think this is better aligned with what Twitter is about and judging by the number of followers, it seems to be working.

Perhaps a better strategy is to focus on not losing your current followers by rewarding them with discounts, special offers and the like.

Another strategy relevant to “not losing your current followers” is to appreciate and not take advantage of your existing followers by being too salesy.

Focus on the needs of your followers.

* Sometimes what they need is a good chuckle.
* Sometimes they want to see a human behind the tweet (behind the company).
* Sometimes they want to see you help them with their cause (retweet).

Want to know how good (or bad) you are at keeping your followers?

You can use Who Unfollowed Me to track and trend how many Twitter followers you’re losing over time.

So how do big companies reward their followers?

I base the following statement on my observations alone, but I believe that people follow Dell with the explicit expectation of receiving discounts. Dell probably isn’t the only one, but it’s a perfect example that comes to mind. I’m sure that Dell has generated new followers due to their exclusive discounts offered only via Twitter.
#4: Join a conversation

This one is also a no-brainer, yet seldom executed. Also, it’s a very effective way to deepen the connection with existing followers and generate additional high-quality followers.


* Answer a question your follower asked… brilliantly.
* Participate in a topic your followers are engaged in.
* Tap into your audience’s potential by asking questions.

“Larger” topics are usually #hashtagged and can be isolated in your tweet-stream by using Tweet Chat.
tweet chat

It not only helps you generate followers, but in addition, it does this by first creating a familiarity and depth before “the follow” occurs.

One final word of advice: Don’t try to force a conversation topic. You don’t have to start your own hashtags nor work on creating a buzz around your desired subject. Simply go with the flow and join existing conversations and try to be useful.
#5: Integrate your social networks

One of my favorite things to do is to bring my relatively superficial relationship that germinated on Twitter and deepen it by becoming friends with someone on Facebook. Conversely, taking a Facebook friend over to Twitter will provide a persistent and light contact over the long haul. All good things.

How many of you have taken it a step further and actually met your online friends in person? I’ve done it with brilliant results and highly recommend it.

How do we integrate Twitter with Facebook? Bring your tweets into your Facebook profile using widgets.
twitter to facebook

Official Twitter method of integrating Facebook and Twitter.

You don’t want ALL of your tweets appearing on Facebook? OK, I get it. Selective Tweets to the rescue.
selective tweets

I discovered Selective Tweets via AJ Vaynerchuk who is da man.

AJ Vaynerchuk’s How to Link Twitter to Facebook article is short and sweet and has usefulness oozing off the monitor.

Quote from Twitter Power: “Because each social media site offers different features and works in a different way, by making them all work together you make sure that you’re sharing the audience between each site.”
#6: Put your Twitter name in your signatures

You wouldn’t carry around a business card without your phone number on it, would you? So why would you send an email without your Twitter handle in it?

No need to go on and on about this point except to say that you can add your social media contact info to your email signature automatically using WiseStamp for Firefox. (You’re not still using IE, are you?)

Just kidding, IE users. The fine folks from WiseStamp are actually working to get it integrated with IE. It’s already integrated with Chrome. Find out more here.

Once installed, this is what it’s going to look like.
wisestamp signature

Pretty neat, huh?
#7: Run a contest

Not only does this help keep your existing followers engaged, but it’s also likely to generate new followers once the awesomeness of your contest is known far and wide.

This strategy is powerful because it can act as a super-carrier for your other strategies.

The contest can be:

* Integrated in your blog (Strategy #2: Twijazzle your blog)
* A way of rewarding your followers (Strategy #3: Pay your followers)
* A spark for a conversation and might generate significant buzz on Twitter, assuming the contest is amazing (Strategy #4: Join a conversation)
* Used to bring your Twitter followers to your Facebook fan page or vice versa (Strategy #5: Integrate your social networks)

I hope these seven strategies have sparked some ideas for generating a following on Twitter.

These strategies are brilliantly presented in the book Twitter Power by Joel Comm. The book has many other useful tips, tricks and techniques that any Twitter user should find valuable.

Chad Lilly
Yakima, WA
Poet, Publisher, Radio Host, Founder Of InnerCircle Publishing, Aware Talk Radio, and Revolution Press.

“Tiny” : What is the name of your company/business?
“Chad Lilly” : InnerCircle Publishing

“Tiny” : What got you into this business originally and how long have you been doing it?
“Chad Lilly” : I founded ICP in 2000 and I started it to create a way for those writing ‘awareness’ to have a place to publish it.

“Tiny” : What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
“Chad Lilly” : Watching thoughts become things that contribute to the world around us.

“Tiny” : What would you say is your specific area of expertise?
“Chad Lilly” : Design. I’ve created both the interior page layouts and cover designs for about 90% of the 70 titles we’re published.

“Tiny” : What can you tell my readers about a normal day in your business?
“Chad Lilly” : That it’s different every single day, seven days a week, depending on our current publishing projects and daily activities. Aside from publishing, we also run a network of radio shows called Aware Talk Radio with 12 live shows per week hosted by our Authors. Some days I’m dreaming up a book cover design and then creating it, some days I’m figuring and paying monthly sales compensation to Authors, some days I’m updating the website with new features, other days I’m mostly on Twitter promoting the work we publish.

“Tiny” : What 5 things would you say are the most important contributing factors to how your end product turns out?:
“Chad Lilly” : 1 – The Author’s vision for the book.
2 – Our ability to design and create something original based on the Author’s vision. We don’t use templates, every title is an original design.
3 – The experience we’ve acquired from designing and publishing over 70 titles.
4 – Our high end print quality for perfect bound / hardcover / full color books.
5 – At ICP, the Author retains 100% creative control over their book designs by providing the final approval, so they are happy with it before it ever goes to print.

“Tiny” : What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to your industry?
“Chad Lilly” : For Authors?: Publishing the book will be the easy part, the work comes afterward, forever. For Publishers?: If you fail to incorporate cooperation into your existing structure, you will no longer be around.

“Tiny” : Where can my readers view your work and find out more about you or your business?
“Chad Lilly” : http://www.innercirclepublishing.comhttp://www.rev-press.com

“Tiny” : How do you market your business? What works well for you? (facebook, linkedin, myspace, filedby, yellow pages, tv ads, etc)
“Chad Lilly” : We’ve never advertised conventionally, it’s always grown by word of mouth. And now that word of mouth is more digital via social media sites like you mentioned, we use them ALL.

“Tiny” : If you could network with any three complimentary business, what types of business would they be?:
“Chad Lilly” : 1 – A syndicated radio network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on their for their audience.
2 – A syndicated television network that would allow us to do what we do on Aware Talk Radio on for their audience.
3 – Book promoters from the PUBLIC, directly connected with us to offer our work to their audience for referrals.

“Tiny” : If you could partner with any three people/companies specifically, who would they be?
“Chad Lilly” : 1 – Premier Radio Networks
2 – Rolling Stone Magazine (they could use a cover designer) ;-p
3 – Those aware and willing to share our work because they see it too.

“Tiny” : Would you tell my readers some about your personally? (family, likes, dislikes, hobbies):
“Chad Lilly” : – I’m an only child.
– Likes: Wine. Unanswerable Questions & Red Heads. 😉
– Dislikes: Internet Trolls.
– Hobbies: Twitter.

“Tiny” : Tell us about your published works and what inspired you.
“Chad Lilly” : I began writing poetry at the age of 15, and I’ve yet discover where it really comes from, or why I can hear it.

“Tiny” : How can my readers contact you for your services?
“Chad Lilly” : From any of our websites, via twitter @icpchad or even directly by phone 509-895-9023