Who Is Misha Korenski?

Hello.  My name is Misha Korenski.  I am, or rather was, the Scientific Liason for The Facility.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this (although I suppose it doesn’t really matter anymore) but The Facility is an underground research laboratory that is so secret not even the U.S. government knows of our existence.  The Facility is operated by shadow governments from all over the world.  For those of you who don’t know, shadow governments are the people who truly control the world.  They are the one’s behind the scenes, pulling the strings of our public government officials.

The purpose of The Facility was to create a new life form, from scratch.  Their idea was that if we could create a creature that could live, and travel, in outer space without the benefit of a breathing apparatus or mechanical transportation.  They had hoped that this creature would explore space for us and return to us with any information it gathered, thereby reducing the risk to mankind.

They began by splicing the DNA from various animals, including humans for their intelligence level and reasoning skills.  Reptiles were used for the body and build, canines for enhanced hearing and sense of smell, large game cats for speed and agility and many others.  There were some unforeseen side effects though.  DNA from amphibians and fish was used to hopefully give them agility and versatility under water.  Unfortunately it also gave them the ability to spontaneously reproduce in the absence of a mate.  This made it possible for the creatures to reproduce at a much higher rate than expected.  Anther side effect that wasn’t planned was the creatures ended up looking like what we would think a “dragon” might look like.  Yes, “dragon”, as in myth and mythology.  “Dragon”  Creepy huh?

Anyway, I digress.  As I was saying before I sidetracked myself, I was the Scientific Liason for The Facility.  I got the job straight out of college because I had no family and no ties to anywhere specific.  I’ve always been a bit shy and kept to myself.  My degree is in Business and Business Management.  I was going to continue my education but how often do you get offered a $250,000 a year job straight out of college?  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

It was actually an old professor of mine, Professor Daniel Anderson, who recommended me for the job.  He “disappeared” (it’s a requirement to work for The Facility) shortly before I joined them.  Everyone just called him Professor because of his background but at The Facility he was in charge of genetic manipulation and splicing.

I was an only child and neither of my parents were around anymore so I figured I had nothing to lose.  The only people that I would call real friends were those I made at The Facility.  Dabney LaForde being my dearest friend.  She was the on-site psychiatrist which of course meant she psycho-analyzed EVERYTHING and was never wrong (smile).  We used to have the most intense conversations which I generally lost but I enjoyed the conversation anyway.

After the accident The Facility became our refuge from the swift and deadly reprocussions of our arrogance and short sighted actions.  It was a LONG road for those few of us that survived, full of fear and emotion.  Some of us found love, some found friendships, and we all found ourselves in roles we never thought we’d be in.  I can tell you this, none of us will ever take our lives, or anyone else’s, for granted again…  NEVER!

I’m know I haven’t covered everything here (this was just a little tidbit about me) so if you have questions please, feel free to ask.  Also you can get my full story  that details the horrors and atrocities my friends and I faced and overcame by clicking below.

What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles

I hope to hear from all of you soon!

  1. Thank you for talking with us today Misha. I sure appreciate you stopping by and telling my readers about yourself and The Facility. It is my hope that the readers will have more questions for you. I know from our many discussions that you’re as eager as I am to share your experiences with everyone. 8)

    We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you folks, feel free to ask Misha anything!!!

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