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Book review of What Have We Done?  The Dragon Chronicles on Lara Dunning’s blog, reviewed by Lara Dunning herself!!!

Seriously, I Will Read Your Book ~ What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles by Mike Bailey.

Dragon Sword

Ceremonial Dagger of the Dragon Riders in Author Mike Bailey's second sci-fi novel, Dragon Bound The Dragon Chronicles

Dragon Bound:  The Dragon Chronicles

There has been MUCH discussion in some circles about the upcoming 2nd book in my The Dragon Chronicles series titled Dragon Bound.  With this in mind and the hopes that the book will be released next summer, I thought it was time to give my readers and fans a lil insight into what they might expect in book two.

Many have already guessed that there will be aliens in the second book.  Good Guess!  There are indeed aliens… and boy are they pissed at us!!!  After having their race all but annihilated exactly as mankind was the aliens come looking for us thinking the dragons were an act of war.

After their arrival on earth their minds are changed and eventually we become allies of sorts… for a while.  Over time aliens and humans are integrated so far into each other’s lives, becoming a totally new society, that they even begin to mate.

The eventuality of this situation dictates that tensions rise, once again, and opposing factions begin to break off.  All thought of what was gained by the alliance is put behind and purists surface with a new focus for mankind.  Reminiscent of the racial differences of our own past, the new tensions begin to deteriorate what has been built.

However, there is an unforeseen and unexpected turn of events.  The alien/human hybrid offspring are somewhat telepathic.  This ability gives us all, once again, the upper hand.  Yep, the hybrids have the ability to control the dragons telepathically, but only the weaker minded, easier to control, dragons.  Enter…. Dragon Riders!!!

The Dragon Riders not only harness the dragons to ride in battle with other dragons but are also then charged with some other peace keeping duties.  Their weapon of choice is a long handled bladed weapon.  The first time a dragon rider holds his weapon it “brands” the palm of his hand with an emblem.  Then each time the weapon is held after that the brand is opened and begins to bleed allowing the weapon to draw on the owner’s life force.  The weapon uses this life force to emit an “electrical” charge that interferes with the nanobots in the dragon’s blood stream, making the dragon riders, and their weapon, pretty darn effective against the dragon crisis.

The photo above (courtesy of White Trash Weaponry and BudK) is the Dragon Rider’s ceremonial dagger.  It is used for all kinds of ceremonies and rituals.  The most important of these is the induction of the hybrid into the Dragon Rider’s order.  While it is not the weapon that “brands” the rider’s hand, it is still carried and used with honor and acts as a symbol of status as well.

I welcome any thoughts, ideas and critiques all of you might have, please leave anything you have to say in the comments below.  I invite you, also, to click the “Who Is Misha Korenski” tab at the top of the blog to read an article written by Misha herself recently.  Get to know the main character from ‘What Have We Done?  The Dragon Chronicles” and feel free to leave her comments or ask her questions.

For excerpts from both books check out this article, this article and this article also posted on this blog.

Thank you all for reading!!!

10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist

by T.N. Tobias on November 8, 2010 at 11:00 am in Writing

This entry is ~1100 words long and will take about 8.5 minutes to read.

vadertwistEvery story is more exciting with a twist. As a writer, though, it can be difficult to find that right scenario, that right moment and character to turn on its head and send the story veering into unpredictable new directions. It’s scary too. Wandering too far away from the tried and true summons more of the self-doubt that fictionists already seem to be full up on.

But, as with anything, there are templates to the twist or even ways to make your linear plot seem to have a twist simply by withholding information. Neat trick, huh? So here are ten general ways to introduce a plot twist, one of which is sure to fit into any manuscript. Be forewarned, giving examples of plot twists involves heavy spoilers. While I’ve tried to pick examples that are old enough and popular enough to be widely known, you’re mileage may vary.

via 10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist | T.N. Tobias.