Call To Action To Writers And Book Lovers!

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Mike's Articles
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Being a writer AND a book lover AND working in retail, I would like to issue a Call To Action to all writers and book lovers.

We all know that for various reasons the holiday season is a tense time for all of us.  A time that should be joyous, family oriented and memorable is often tense for financial reasons and memories of loved one’s lost.  Add to that the overcrowding and often shortage of merchandise, particularly holiday food items, and a shopping experience can easily turn into a stressful and emotionally trying experience.

In the last few weeks have had had to handle multiple situations with customers that were angry over not being able to find an item or because we were out of an item.  As an employee of a major retail store with hundreds of other employees, I can tell you that we are reminded often to be polite and smile, no matter the situation.  Training on how to handle unhappy customers is drummed into our heads regularly to help insure that we have the tools and ability to make the customer’s shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

I’m asking that all who read this please keep the holiday spirit in mind when we’re out in the stores this season.  I know that a lot of us writers are in book stores and such doing book signings and promotions.  Book lovers are in book stores finding the perfect book for the other book lovers in their lives.   We need to all remember that tensions are high for all the other shoppers,  The crowded conditions, the availability (or lack thereof) of some merchandise and all the other factors that make this season tense mean that not only do we all have to try a little harder to maintain that polite civility even when we do encounter those who do not.

One last thing.  Let’s try to remember, the person behind the counter or going to the back room to try and find an item for the customer are not the cause of the problem.  These people are hardworking, average people, who are trying very hard to improve our experience while at their store.  Almost daily I hear a customer saying rude, unnecessary statements to the cashiere or other employee.  Let’s remember, that person is just trying to do their job as efficiently as possible and in no way wants to make your day any worse.

I wish you all the happiest of shopping experiences this season, no matter what store you frequent and a very Merry Christmas as well!

Author Mike Bailey


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