Sci Fi Factor – Creating Believable Aliens

Posted: November 18, 2010 in sci-fi, Writing Tips
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Creating Believable Aliens

by Tina Morgan


The Hubble telescope, the Voyager probe, DNA and the study of genetics have all changed the way we view our world. Computers have given us the ability to research at the speed of light and the average person has access to greater knowledge than has ever been possible in the history of mankind.

These things are also reflected in the stories we write.

No longer can a science fiction writer create a goo-dripping alien just because a story line requires an adversary from another planet to drop in on our unsuspecting world. The average reader is not going to buy into the B-rate movies of old. It takes more than an actor in a rubber mask for them to suspend their disbelief and enjoy a story or novel.

Bringing an alien species into a novel requires a bit of planning and thought on the part of the writer.

via Sci Fi Factor – Creating Believable Aliens.

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