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Posted: November 13, 2010 in Books -n- Authors
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Book Review: What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles-Mike Bailey

A secret underground scientific facility, operated by global shadow governments, develops a creature capable of living and traveling in outer space. The purpose? To explore space for us and return to us with information on what they find. Unfortunately for us, the creatures learn to hate mankind, and they’ve just gotten loose. Now, small pockets of survivors must rebuild while learning to combat the most ferocious living thing ever known to man

Synopsis  Credit: Amazon

About the Author

Mike is a freelance tattoo artist/ body piercer, artist, painter, writer and trike enthusiast. He has two daughters and two step daughters. Lives with his second wife, Jessica in Eastern Washington

My Two Cents

First off I’ve got to confess that, What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles is the first Science Fiction book that I’ve read. It took me a bit to sink into the book, but once I did I enjoyed it. People disappearing to an underground lab where they’re believed to no longer exist. Misha and Dominique find themselves romantically involved in the land of dragons and science labs. No one ever thought that the lab experiment would turn into a death sentence for many of the workers of the underground lab when the creatures take over. But it didn’t stop Misha from find love in her life, but who would it be?
To read an excerpt visit Mike Bailey’s website The Bailey Consortium. If science fiction is your style you’ll find his book full of action and science in one. It keeps you going from start to end.

The Dragon Chronicles is avaliable in both paperback and kindle from Amazon

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book at no cost to me for the purposes of reviewing the book. My review is my honest opinion.

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