How Do I Get Literary Agents and Publishers To Notice Me?

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lately I have been asked, repeatedly, “How do I get noticed by agents and publishers?” and “How do I get represented?”… This is a rough question to answer and through all my research the best I can come up with is … patience… AND A LOT OF IT!!! It seems to be a numbers game sometimes, but it’s more than that. Yes, you have to be willing to send your manuscript to a lot of agents BUT you have to KNOW who your sending them too.

Research each one before you send to them. Know what genre they are looking for at that particular point in time. Know what format they want it in. Know if they are open to new submissions or not.

Take the time to write a well thought and well spoken introduction letter that contains the information about you and your manuscript that they need/want. Allow sufficient time before querying the status. Most often you will receive some sort of response within a few weeks, sometimes longer.

Don’t blast your manuscript to everyone in their organization or to too many different agencies. If you get rejected, try the next name on your list, but above all, have patience, follow the same process… research each one and construct your intro letter to match that particular person.

Now we would ALL love to hear from all you published authors and agents out there… What have you authors done to get an agent to represent you? What do you agents feel is the most likely way for unpublished authors to get noticed by you? What would make you represent a new author?

We know you all are busy people… if you have time any details and insight you could share with us all would be met with eternal gratitude from any unpublished or unrepresented author.


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