writer’s block

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

As a writer I often wonder what causes writers block? Why can’t I seem to write anything good today? Why am I so UNMOTIVATED? The answer is there is no one answer… and there is no one cure either!

Some days my mind is on other projects or responsibilities and the only thing to do is to get those projects and responsibilities taken care of and out of the way so I can get my mind back on the task at hand. Unfortunately, I also often find that do this takes far longer than I wanted to spend or anticipated and there is no time left to write. Oh well, at least the day wasn’t a total lost, I did accomplish something, right?

Some days I’m just in a BLAH mood and can’t seem to get motivated to do ANYTHING! I sometimes will force myself to do something, anything, to pull myself out of this. Often I find that I must just take the day off to sit and vegitate with a good movie or stumble through the internet. (by stumble I am referring to a website called stumbleupon.com and you should ALL check it out, very cool).

Yesturday, was a day that I wanted to write but I was working on a ‘fill chapter’. This is a chapter that could be completely left out of the book without too much of an impact. I use these kind of chapters to wrap up all the minute, silly little details that invariably pop up whilst writing a fiction novel, that way they actually contribute something to the book. In my experience these chapters are harder to write because they are unnecessary which makes them uninteresting to me.

I wrote the entire chapter, 7 pages, and hated every word! So I printed it out and then deleted the whole chapter. I reread the printed copy, and started over. As one of my very wise Twitter friends (JohnBetcher) said, it is ALWAYS good to keep everything you write, even if you don’t like it, because you may find useful ideas in it later.

This is the lesson we all, as writers, need to learn and live by. Writer’s block doesn’t always mean don’t write. Sometimes it just means you have to force yourself to write something, anything. Even if you don’t like anything you wrote, print it out and save it for later. You may well find something you can use or tweak in it later.

I personally am collecting quite a nice stack of CRAP I’ve written that I look back through occasionally… and occasionally, I get new ideas or come up with new ways of writing something that makes it fit perfectly.

So to all of you I say, Happy Writing… or Happy Writer’s Block, whichever… and please, if you have useful tips for writing, feel free to share them!!!

Brightest Blessings to you all,

Mike “Tiny” Bailey


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