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Posted: September 3, 2010 in Books -n- Authors, Mike's Articles
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Who Is Glynis Smy?

Born in the UK and now living in a rural village on the Southern side of Cyprus. Glynis writes short stories and poetry. She has been published in magazines in both the UK and Cyprus. Glynis has had too books of poetry published and has achieved the top 100 of list of poetry blogs. Besides writing she enjoys cross stitching, making cards and swiming.

Glynis operates a personal “Author Blog” which can be found at AND she operates a blog called New Book Blogger to help spotlight new authors/books which can be found here

How long have you been writing and can you tell me how you became interested in writing (what were your influences?)

I started writing when I was about 12 years old. I had a new English teacher, Roger Key and he gave me the freedom of the pen. He allowed me to get feelings down on paper as no teacher had ever done before. He encouraged my poetry and short story writing. He entered a poem about the Bangladeshi war into an interschools contest and it won. I loved Little Women by Louisa May Allcott her descriptions of the girls in the family really wowed me. I wanted to write like her, to capture those images on paper for myself.

What is your favorite aspect of writing and what genre is your favorite to write?

I love the freedom of being able to bring people to life. To create characters and I love making up their names. The planning of my second book has been fun. It will be based in the US, so the research is challenging for me. I have never been to the USA and to learn about the Victorian period is quite exciting. I didn’t know Tomato Ketchup was around then, it is the little things I love about writing. My favourite genre? Historical Romance with a criminal twist. Ripper, My Love (my first novel) started out as a Romance pure and simple. Then my POV changed her mind. She got mixed up with a pair of characters and changed the whole book into an Historical RomanceCrime/Thriller. You can never trust your characters, they have minds of their own.

Your blog says you’ve written two poetry books, can you tell us about them and what your inspiration was to write them?

From My Heart Inside My Head is a collection of emotional and humourous poems. There are poems about those I have lost, those I love and my woes of dieting and my childhood. I have a few that are a tribute to my new home, Cyprus. I am inspired by anything at all. I sat in a restaurant and a lady on the next table said the words “Butterflies and Teddy Bears”. That was it, I spent a half hour scribbling on a napkin a poem with that title. I pulled out a postcard and words tumbled into my mind. Sticky Sandwiches is a mix of different styles. Non rhyming was something I had never written, but had the urge to do so for this book. The inspiration for this title was memories of me, a bag of sticky sandwiches and my doll. We had the freedom to disappear into fields of gold when we were children, we were safe but knew the rules of getting home on time. This book also has a few contest winners in it. One of the poems was a 400 word challenge about One Night Stands. It was fun to write.

What can you tell my readers about a normal day for you as a writer?

Coffee. I have to start the day with coffee. I rise at 06.30am but won’t eat breakfast until 8am. Then I turn on my laptop, let the dogs out and sit on the porch while the computer does its thing. I whizz through the housework (writer’s block as far as I am concerned), and then pull off my emails. I work my way around the blogs of my friends and respond to the comments on mine. My notes are gathered up ready for a day of research and planning. Then a few hours are spent editing and perfecting (if only) my WIP’s. I am lucky, my day is my own and I have a supportive DH.

What 5 things would you say are the most important contributing factors to being a successful writer?

1. Enjoy it. It is not a chore. If your heart isn’t in it, move away. Try something new.
2. Read, read and read some more. Read outside of your genre get a different reading rhythm
3. Write every day. Even if it is a short paragraph, the more you write the easier the words will flow.
4. Get the advice of others, but do not be bulldozed into thinking they are right. Your work is your voice, not theirs.
5. Do your research. Do not guess, there will always be someone waiting to trip you up. There is nothing worse than reading a historical book with an obvious error. I read a book once where a woman pulled on her tights…mm, it was WWII England. Nylons were precious and came in pairs with no ajoining gusset. The women were drawing lines up the backs of tea stained legs. It grated on my nerves all the way through and I was looking for errors.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone new to writing?

Have faith in yourself. Positive thinking is a big part of achieving your goal. You can do it!

What works well for you as far as marketing? (facebook, linkedin, myspace, filedby, yellow pages, tv ads, etc)

I am on facebook and Twitter. I do find it time consuming and distracting at times. My blog has been the best place for me. I have had such incredible support from The Important Ones. I am not in a position to market my novel yet, but I will use whatever is available to me on the Internet.

Would you tell my readers some about your personally? (family, likes, dislikes, hobbies)

I am an English Expat living in Cyprus .DH and I live in a rural village on the southern side of the island. I was a nurse in the UK and do not miss the long hours, We left material things behind, grow our own veg and lead a fairly stress free live. Our son emigrated with his wife to Canada and our girls live in the UK. I make greetings cards and make so many that I sell them for charity. Cross stitch is another love of mine. I dislike false friends and like a glass of village wine with true ones. Bad manners are a no no as far as I am concerned. A polite smile goes a long way.

What links would you like our readers to see? (blog, book site, etc…)

I would like to share the link to the New Book Blogger. My writing mentor and I set this up, but sadly she died last month. I have revamped it and will run it in her memory. It is a blog where author’s can promote their books for free. I showcase them for a week and then pull them out for air a few months later. It has been a useful point of sale for some.

  1. Glynis says:

    Thank you Mike for hosting my first ever interview.☺

  2. Thanks Glynis for sharing these thoughts with us. I particularly liked your thoughts on marketing and the distractions online.

  3. Glynis says:

    Cassandrajade, thanks for reading.

  4. Mason Canyon says:

    Mike, thanks for interviewing Glynis. It’s nice to learn new things about her.

    Glynis, enjoyed your interview very much. I think your words are very inspiring for anyone who wants to write. Positive thinking can go a long way.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Glynis has such a great attitude! And I didn’t know ketchup had been around that long, either.

  6. Glynis says:

    Mason, great to see you on Mike’s blog.

    Alex, thanks. I know, I was amazed to think in 1889 they were dipping in ketchup!

  7. Amanda says:

    i loved reading this – thanks for interviewing glynis, a very creative woman!!

  8. Glynis says:

    Thanks Amanda and thanks Mike for hosting.

  9. Kate Smedley says:

    Thank you for interviewing Glynis, she has always been an inspiration to me. Congratulations with all of your success Glynis, so well deserved x

  10. RJ EVans says:

    Lovely post. Good to see Gylnis in the spotlight!

  11. Mike says:

    Hey all, I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’ve been super sick, arg!

    Glynis is not only uplifting and inspirational with her insight but a WEALTH of knowledge. I found her to be overwhelmingly helpful with my own writing.

    Glynis, you’re a breath of fresh air!

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