Here’s what some of my readers have to say!!!

What Have We Done? The Dragon Chronicles (book 1)

“It held my attention, was well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Nice work.”

“Thoroughly enjoying this, well done, beautifully written and hooks you in brilliantly.”
– gavthedarft ( user)

“Very well written keep up the work.”
– Davenjer ( user)

Dragon Bound The Dragon Chronicles (book 2)

“That is all I really can say, as a response. It was amazing–I read the first chapter of it, and was slightly overwhelmed by the information I was given, and the dialogue spacing, but this was really, truly, fascinating.”

“I dunno, but this is very symbolic, or at least, I feel it is, to many things that are happening in the world today, and you captured it perfectly in just one page! It’s absolutely wonderful how you incorporate so many different things into a perfectly paced, well-written, narrative! I look forward to seeing you on a bookshelf one day!”
– Nunatak ( user)

“What a great lead in! If the rest of the book is as good as that then I want to read it. Tragic, beautifully conveyed and carefully written. Excellent.”
– gavthedarft ( user)

Great reviews! Keep em coming folks! I love getting the encouragement and any constructive criticism you might have!

Mike Bailey

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