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Draco flew into the air, high above the surface of the water. Swooping down again, rolling, turning as sharp as he could, he reveled in the new found joy of free flight, not contained by the walls of the wind tunnel where he had learned this skill. For several minutes he tested the true boundaries of his capabilities, immensely enjoying the freedom of being in open air. Then he turned and headed inland.

Below he could hear the screams of someone caught unaware and unprepared. With a satisfaction he had only recently learned he knew that one of his kin had found an adversary. “Too bad humans don’t put up more of a fight.” he thought to himself, humored by the thought and the anticipation of his first kill in this new world.

As he flew he saw his brothers landing on and attacking small buildings. The buildings didn’t look big enough to contain many people so he passed them by, even the ones that had not yet been attacked. Occasionally he circled overhead watching one of his kin tear its way into one of these secluded buildings, relishing the sounds of their victims dying in terror.

After only a few minutes he came to a collection of many small buildings. He saw several vehicles that looked similar in size to the one he had seen in the tunnel but these had round object under them enabling them to move about. Draco didn’t consider these vehicles long enough to figure out how they moved or how the humans controlled them, he was too intent on destroying this place.

The humans didn’t even see him in the dim light of the new day until he had swooped down to just above their heads. Once or twice he picked up victims that were stupid enough to stand and stare at him, rose to a height that made the buildings look like small blocks and dropped his victims to their death.

He made a game out of swooping in front of the vehicles, sometimes slashing at their metal bodies with his claws, causing them to swerve and crash into buildings and other vehicles. After he ‘played’ for a few minutes he came to rest on the surface where the vehicles moved, between two large buildings.

Only a few small lights illuminated the building on one side of him. The other had large picture windows fully lit with bright lights from inside. Draco looked at the many occupants of this building for a moment before crashing through the window and grabbing everyone within reach. As he tore, slashed, crushed and dismembered the people cowering with fear around him he heard other dragons attacking the other buildings outside.

Draco ripped his way through the walls into the kitchen area in search of more victims. The few he found attempting to hide there he quickly dispatched with fast, intentional efforts. Less than ten minutes later Draco returned to the front of the building. Looking around he found that most of the buildings had been destroyed, dead human bodies were everywhere and the others were rejoicing with loud bellowing roars and dances that consisted of jumping and flapping their wings.

Then something caught his eye. Draco saw a person crouching low behind a small wall trying to get to the door of the building opposite him. He launched into a low flight, reaching the person with such speed that he slammed into the front wall of the building hard enough to knock a large hole in the wall and collapse the overhanging portion of the building above him.

Standing upright under the weight of the collapsed structure Draco reached out and grabbed the fleeing man as he turned to run. He stepped forward clear of the debris and jumped into the air, flying to the peak of another building where he came to rest.

He turned the man in his claws to face him, terrorizing the human by snapping his teeth just inches from his face. Draco smelled the scent of fear and defecation as the man lost control of his bodily functions. His victim tried to strike back at Draco by wildly swinging his fists and kicking his feet, flailing at the creatures face whenever he was near enough. Each time Draco pulled his face back out of range of the human’s pitiful attempts at defending himself before he could make contact. The human in his claws didn’t have the presence of mind to realize that his attempts to beat the creature into releasing him would have had no affect anyway.

He held the man over his head and with the speed of a cheetah caught the lower portion of a dangling leg in his teeth. The man let out a shriek, which quickly turned to a screech of pain when he wrenched it free from the rest of his body. One by one Draco bit off small pieces of the man’s appendages, spitting each to the ground below where the man could see them, until the human passed out from the pain and blood loss. Satisfied that he had tortured his capture as much as he could he let out a mighty roar and threw the remainder of the body to the street with sufficient force to crush the skull on impact, as well as most other major bones.

Draco had become still, quiet, watching his surroundings as the daylight became brighter and his companions took to flight in search of more victims. Minutes later he still watched quietly, waiting to see if anyone else came into view. No one did, they were all dead. After a full half hour Draco was satisfied that no one survived. He was unaware that a large group of humans hid in the building he had slammed into and partially collapsed. He didn’t realize he had been only a few feet from several more cowering, terrified humans when he had grabbed that man who he had mercilessly tortured. Thinking that he wanted only to continue his revenge he jumped from the road, swooped down and flew a few hundred feet just above the surface of the ground and then gain altitude until he was flying high overhead once again. He headed inland, away from the water that burned his eyes and throat, away from the place that had been his prison and towards the many unsuspecting victims that awaited their deaths by his vengeance.

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